Swedish / Relaxation

~  for Stress & Anxiety  ~

 Melt away muscle tension & tightness, improve sleep & lower stress levels.  

Deep Tissue

~  for Muscle Pain & Tightness ~

 Break down knots, release tension & pressure points throughout the body.  Intensity varies upon request. 


 ~ for Clients with Cancer History ~ 

 Going through intensive treatment or recovering from it can be incredibly taxing. Ease symptoms such as anxiety & pain.


  ~ for Pregnant clients ~  

 Moms-to-be need extra support through this time that can be physically challenging. Relieve pain, stress & improve sleep. 

Chair / Corporate

 ~ for Private or Company Events ~  

10-30 minute massage sessions offer an excellent wellness perk for your employees, event attendees or friends & family.  

In-Home Massage

~ for Clients with a Full Schedule ~ Relaxation & stress-relief at the comfort of your home! 

* Serving regular clients only in 

Boston North shore area


Find us at the side entrance of the beautiful residential building with plenty onsite off-street parking! 

Follow the signs for The Way Massage.

Wednesday    3-9pm

Saturday         9am-3pm

48 Elm Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts, 02180, United States

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Welcome! I'm Veronica H. Page, LMT

Helping my clients find relaxation, let go of stress, pain & anxiety is the focus of my work. Addressing your areas of concern & customizing my approach to your needs is my priority. I've been a licensed massage therapist for about 2 years, after competing training at Elizabeth Grady School in Medford.

My fascination with massage started in childhood when my dad used to ask me to walk on his back to ease his pain. As a teenager, I really learned its value when a sudden onset of Bell's Palsy paralyzed half of my face and massage therapy, as part of the treatment plan, helped me fully recover! 

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, painting & designing websites. Nutrition has been my long time interest as well, so I've worked in a fair share of health food stores, such as Trader Joe's.  


Please reach out with questions below or call/text 617-800-9877

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